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2010, 2011 A Portrait with Ladies – Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki

A Portrait with Ladies is a glimpse, into Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki’s life. The audience accompany this Polish explorer from his early years at a Polish court, to the Australian bush, salons in Sydney and Tasmania and later in London, and finally participate in his long-awaited meeting with Adyna in a park in Geneva.

2009-10 Balladyna

The tale of murderous young Balladyna has captivated audiences for decades. A Polish literary classic written by Juliusz Slowacki in 1834, Balladyna encapsulates the ultimate struggle for power and fame.

2008 Princess Turandot (Ksiezniczka Turandot)

While preparing for the House of Bernarda Alba, another group were working on Princess Turandot. The action takes place during an undefined era in a Chinese castle, where the ruler Tantuma’s daughter – stunningly beautiful Princess Turandot – asks her suitors impossible riddles.