2006 The Abattoir (Rzeznia)

Preparations for this play lasted close to seven months, due to the length of the script. The Violinist was on stage for most of the 2.5 hours, which meant pages and pages of text to learn, while working full time. Mrozek is a realist, who brings reality to the boundary of absurdity. His characters are blood and bone while balancing on the edge of absurdness. The atmosphere of rehearsals was well suited to the work of Mrozek; sometimes snorting with laughter, other times, interpreting each role almost drove the cast to insanity.

Premiere: 11 March 2006, Cracovia Club, Beechboro.


Violinist: Grzegorz Niedzwiadek
Flute Player: Ewa Gorecka
Mother: Ania Olejnik
Paganini/Bucher: Rafal Puchalski
Director of the Opera: Wieslaw Wojtowicz
Janitor: Andrzej Lewy
Violin: Alicja Majewska
Director: Tomasz Bujakowski
Acting Workshop: Marta Kaczmarek
Costumes: Danuta Rosiewicz