2008 Princess Turandot (Ksiezniczka Turandot)


While preparing for the House of Bernarda Alba, another group were working on Princess Turandot. The action takes place during an undefined era in a Chinese castle, where the ruler Tantuma’s daughter – stunningly beautiful Princess Turandot – asks her suitors impossible riddles. Those that cannot answer correctly she sentences to death by beheading. A number of these heads, displayed on bamboo stakes, featured as part of the staging. Despite these bloody and sadistic elements, this production was a comedy, ending with the marriage of Princess Turandot to a successful suitor.

Rehearsal provided excellent training for some of our younger talents, as well as those who had been members for many years.

Premiere:     8 November 2008, Cracovia Club, Beechboro.


Princess Turandot   Magda Janas
The Emperor Altoum Wojciech Bernaciak
Calaf Grzegorz Niedźwiadek
Timur Adam Ciaś
Adelma Klaudia Sosin
Selima Justyna Skóra
Barrach Piotr Jórek
Skirina Laura Dondziło
Secretary Józef Szczepaniak
Baghalia Adam Kulkliński
Marshal Adrian Bużynski
The Executioner Tomasz Bujakowski
Clowns/The Emperor’s Court/Doctors Oliwia Sadowska, Victoria Jadwiszczak, MagdaLisek, Marianna Kukliński, Aleksander Sosin, Adam Mc’Cann
Director, Staging and Props Tomasz Bujakowski
Assistant Director Maria Kuźmicka
Assistant Director – Group Monika Sosin
Costumes Danuta Rosiewicz