2010, 2011 A Portrait with Ladies – Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki

A Portrait with Ladies is a glimpse, into Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki’s life. The audience accompany this Polish explorer from his early years at a Polish court, to the Australian bush, salons in Sydney and Tasmania and later in London, and finally participate in his long-awaited meeting with Adyna in a park in Geneva. We see these events from the perspective of a twentieth century writer, Helen Heney, author of “In a Dark Glass”, where she denies Strzelecki’s merits and fame. Accompanying us on the journey is the ailing hero in the last years of his life. He analyses his life, what happened or what could have happen. The performance is enriched with songs sung by Adyna, and aims to show the picture of a man seeking meaning late in his life.

Performing this play was a new challenge for our theatre group “Scena 98″. We wanted to reach an English-speaking audience to bring to life Strzelecki’s memory, both for those who know something about Strzelecki and those who are not at all familiar with his life.

About the Author:
Anna Habryn was born in Lodz, where she studied Polish Literature and Media, later worked for many years in Gdansk. She arrived in Australia with her husband in 1982, and, having competed a Doctorate, she lectured in Media, and subsequently worked in various vocations, including a nursing assistant, secretary and bookkeeper, public servant, freelance journalist, and author of numerous local ethnic radio programs. In 2000 she established Mt Kosciuszko Inc, an organisation promoting awareness of Polish input in the History of Australia, which she subsequently chaired. Anna has written since her school days. Her novel “Love, the Scottish Way” was published in a series of instalments in the ‘Polish Gazette’ in Toronto. Her cabaret songs were performed in the Polish Centre in Maylands.

Due to her interest in the life of Strzelecki she authored a film script, a drama and a radio play, and recently co-produced a book, “Ballad of an Explorer or Life and Deeds of Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki” (Cracow 2009). She has also published two poetry collections in Polish (“Kartki Urodzinowe” and “Strzepy Pioropusza”) and one collection in English “The Dance of Looks.”

Premier: St Joseph’s Hall, Maylands 18 April 2010

 Paul Edmund de Strzelecki In 1873 Włodzimierz Halladin
 Paul Edmund de Strzelecki In 1820,1840,1866 Grzegorz Niedźwiadek
 Stokes Wiesław Wójtowicz
 Adyna 15-years Klaudia Sosin
 Adyna 61-years Małogorzata Burak
 Helen Heney Ania Niedźwiadek
 Adam Turno Bogusław Szczepaniak
 Kordula Prusimska Joanna Wydmańska
 Izabella Słupska Klaudia Czubacka
 Słupski Piotr Kukliński
 Keene Alexander Sosin
 Sir John Franklin Marek Maciołek
 Lady Jane Franklin Barbara Magnowska
 Sir George Gipps Stanisław Olejnik
 Florence Nightingale Monika Rosiewicz
 Sir Sydney Herbert Maciej Maciołek
 Lady Herbert Agata Halladin
 Archie Adam McCann
 Dancing Couple Robert Hamilton
Maria Świder
 Director, Staging and Props Tomasz Bujakowski
 Assistant Directors Maria Kuźmicka
Ania Niedźwiadek
 Costumes Danuta Rosiewicz
Anna Lilpop
Nina Michór
Krystyna Matejko
 Music Stanisław Tomasiak
Maciej Warzycki
 Composer Klaudia Sosin