Pastoralka takes place during a Christmas feast in the southern, mountain regions of Poland. Traditionally, Kolednicy (Carol singers), walk from house to house signing Christmas Carols and sharing Christmas cheer. The Carol Singers arrive at a guest house and are invited in for a meal by they couple who live there.

They dance and sing together, and reflect together on the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to Poles abroad. Spontaneously, they jump up to act out scenes that are synonymous with the Polish cultural tradition.

Scene 1: Temptation of Adam and Eve. The scene represents the Christian story of how Adam and Eve were tempted by the devil. Eve in her naivety succumbs and eats the forbidden fruit. They are cast out of the Garden of Eden.

Scene 2: The angel visits Mary. The angel Gabriel visits Mary to tell her that she will give birth to baby Jesus. Mary (Klaudia Sosin) sings Magnificat in Latin. Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem. Mary sings about not being able to find a place to give birth in Bethlehem.

Scene 3: Baby Jesus is born. Christmas carols are sung.

Scene 4: Shepherd’s awake and are guided by a bright star over Bethlehem. A star guides the shepherds to the place where baby Jesus was born, and they bring him gifts. But not all shepherds a willing to go – one prefers to sleep with his bottle…

Scene 5: King Herod the brute. The three kings visit Herod to tell him of the birth of Christ. He orders his guards to kill all baby children, including his own son. Herod’s wife (Magda Lisek) sings a song of grief when she learns about her son’s death. For his brutal and heartless acts, the Death comes to claim Herod with a scythe. The Devil and Death dance with joy.

Monika Dudek is Promyk’s Artistic Director and Iwona Kilijanski is the Group Coordinator.


Pastoralka cast in alphabetical order:

Tomasz Bujakowski – Inn Keeper, Shepherd, Herod’s Soldier, script and director

Joanna Bukara – Death and dance choreography

Marcin Bury – Accordion and vocals

Aldona Czubacka – King Melchior

Klaudia Czubacka – Angel Michael

Rafał Domański – Shepherd, Herod’ s Soldier

Włodzimierz Halladin – Herod

Piotr Kukliński – Angel Gabriel

Maria Kuźmicka – Director and sound

Magda Lisek – Herod’s wife and solo vocals

Krystyna Łyszkowicz – Costumes

Witold Milarski – Shepherd

Anna Myśliwska – Designer (flyer)

Anna Niedźwiadek – Inn keeper’s wife, producer and director

Grzegorz Niedżwiadek – Lighting assistant

Zbigniew Niedźwiadek – Lighting

Henryk Paliński – violin and vocals

Robert Panasiewicz – Prologus, Shepherd, and Feldmarszal

Danuta Rosiewicz – Costumes

Alex Sosin – Devil

Klaudia Sosin – Mary and solo vocals

Monika Sosin – King Baltazar

Tomasz Statkiewicz – Joseph

Stanisław Tomasiak – Guitar and vocals

Maciej Warzycki – Guitar and vocals

Emila Wójcik – King Kacper

Piotr Wójcik – Adam

Dominika Ziółkowski – Eve

Dancers performing at Pastoralka (in surname order)

Isabella Brozek

Marie Chan

Mia Chan

Matthew Kilijanski

Nicholas Kilijanski

Jana Mikosza

Maya Milarski

Natalia Smith