A Short Film About Scena 98In 2004, a short documentary film Scena 98 – Between Premiers (Scena 98 – Miedzy Premierani) was produced about the group. Initially the concept for a film about the group arose as part of the Australia-wide scholarship competition. The authors, Ania Olejnik and Grzegorz Niedzwiadek, submitted their documentary with the hope of winning a month-long intensive Polish language course in Lublin, Poland. Working as a team, they created a visual journey illustrating the humble beginnings of the group, and how theatre, specifically the theatre group Scena 98, has an impact in the lives of Polish youth in Perth.

They interviewed six youth who were group members about their experiences in theatre, their multicultural identity, the Polish culture, traditions and their heritage. Other people, instrumental to the group’s formation including the group’s founder and director, Tomasz Bujakowski, and acting consultant and guest director Marta Kaczmarek, were also interviewed. This interview material was interwoven with archival footage of early performances and other events, to create a visual representation of what Scena 98 is and what it means to its members and the wider community.

A follow up to the original film was produced in late 2009 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the group’s formation. This follow up film includes footage of subsequent performances, using the metaphor of a journey around the world to illustrate how the group has changed since its inception.